Roomba wont charge

Why my Roomba won’t charge?

Reasons behind the most commonly faced issues in your iRobot roomba device can be many. Fortunately, a majority of these issues can be dealt with easily using zero to little of the setup process. This way you will be able to keep your house clean at all times.
If you are facing issues with charging your Roomba device, this blog will help you resolve the same easily.
While this troubleshooting guide will only apply to the Roomba 500, 600, 700 and 800 series,you can request for help with other models on our tech support helplines.

The first resort

If you have just purchased the new robot device which has never been activated before, the issue may be related to the battery position. During the shipment, the battery may displace from the dedicated slot. Check if the battery is in its place or not. If you find that the battery is shifted, you can move it back to its place.
You can now plug in the home base and wait for the light. Once you see the light blink every 4 seconds, you can be sure that the roomba has started charging.

 However, if you do not see the light blinking, you can either try charging the roomba in a different power outlet. 

Also, check if the charger or the Home Base cable isn’t damaged. If so, replace the existing home base with a new one.

Light glowing but irobot roomba not charging

If there is such an issue, the very first step is to check the cleaner device. Make sure there is no debris or dirt built up inside the cleaner wall. This may result in a thick layer of dust on the charging contacts of the home base and the robot, thus preventing roomba from charging. If you find such build up inside the home base or robot, you can remove the same using a soft dry cloth or a soft sponge.
If there’s no such buildup, remove the roomba robot from the home base and flip it over. Disconnect it from the caster wheel and give the caster wheel a check to make sure there is no debris build up inside it. If found, clean the same using a soft cloth or sponge.
If you are using the roomba 500 and 600 series, press the Clean button and hold the Spot and Dock button for 10 seconds. Whereas, if you are using the 700 and 800 series, you’ll need to press the Clean button for about 10 seconds until you hear rSt from the display. You can now reboot your irobot roomba device to check if it is charging.

The final word

When you face issues like irobot roomba not charging or more, there are two ways you can resolve them. First, make sure that the charging pins on the Home Base are clean and there’s no build up, or check the charging contacts on the cleaner or the caster wheel for such buildup. This buildup prevents contact between the essential parts and thus you face issues.
Furthermore, making sure that you get the right battery model can be helpful in ensuring that your robot has sufficient power to operate from.
If you are still facing issues with your roomba robot charging, you can reach out to the team at our end for help at any time.